Strategies and Innovation Management Group

Strategies and Innovation Management Group plays the roles in setting organization directions, strategies and related plans in correspondence with the Ministerial and the National strategies to drive policies into actions, and monitoring research achievement and research performance as effectiveness indicators of organization. They are also responsible for technology and innovation management to transition research results into social and commercial usages and advantages, marketing and publicizing activities to promote application of technology and innovation, intellectual property management, development of mechanisms and systems to support utilization of STI infrastructure, with the aims to enhance entrepreneurs, communities and people’s competitiveness. Besides, their works include the studies of the need of science, technology and innovation, technology readiness assessment, technology business plans, technology worthiness evaluation and its economic impacts.

Functional units and their responsibilities under the Strategics and Innovation Management Group include; Policy and Planning Division – organization directions and strategies, short-term and long-term implementation plans, budget and allocation plans; Monitoring and Evaluation Division - monitoring and evaluation plans, organization and project performance indicators, compiling and reporting on achieve results; Work Systems Development Division - internal quality system and control, organization improvement plans and risk management plans; Innovative Business Service Division – mechanisms and systems of STI investment, market channels and promotion activities, and technology transfer programs and; Innovative Business Development Division – technology business plans and analysis, action plans for revenue enhancement and infrastructure utilization, and intellectual property management.

Dr. Apakorn Supanya
Deputy Governor
Strategies and Innovation Management Group
E-mail: apakorn @ tistr.or.th

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