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R&D Group for Bio-Industries is responsible for conducting integrated R&D in order to fulfill the needs of bio-industries of the country. The group comprises 4 centres and 1 research station as following;

Mr. Sayan Tanpanich
Deputy Governor
Research & Development Group
for Bio Industries
E-mail: sayan @ tistr.or.th

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Expert Centre of Innovative

InnoAg conducts R&D integration, technology transfer, technology incubation and intelligent innovation agriculture, to develop agriculture production system. InnoAg also conducts R&D and cultivation promotion on plants (herb, indigenous plants, new economical plants, vegetable, fruits and mushroom), R&D and promotion on bio-fertilizer and organic fertilizer production, R&D on environmental-friendly pesticide, R&D on value addition of agricultural residues, post-harvest technology, including consultancy service and training program on agricultural technology.

Moreover, InnoAg has Lamtakong Research Station (LTRS), located in Nakhon Ratchasima province, which is a focal point to conduct agricultural experiment, and to disseminate agricultural technology and knowledge. LTRS has played a crucial role to support agricultural R&D and technology transfer of TISTR.

Expert Centre of Innovative
Health Food

InnoFood focuses on research, development, service, analysis, testing and consultancy on functional food and beverage products, dietary supplement and natural substance in food. InnoFood has many researchers with various fields of expertise and cooperation network both inside and outside Thailand. InnoFood aims for creating health food products and supporting Thai entrepreneur to get benefit of scientific results and use it for commercialization.

Apart from conducting R&D, InnoFood is ready for providing food testing service, e.g. physicochemical testing, sensory evaluation, shelf life evaluation, food safety testing and nutritional fact evaluation, with support of Industrial Metrology and Testing Service Centre (MTC) of TISTR. InnoFood is also ready for providing infrastructural service, e.g. pilot plant for beverage production line and pilot plant for dehydrated and preserved fruit production line.

Expert Centre of Innovative
Herbal Products

InnoHerb aims for conducting R&D on innovative herbal products to meet international quality standard, transferring technology and innovation arising from R&D on herbal products to commercialization, providing research, analysis and testing service on herbal products with standard compliance to improve competitiveness of entrepreneurs in innovative products from herb, and providing research, analysis and testing service on herbal products with international standard and response to the need of customers.

Moreover, InnoHerb also provides research service and analysis testing on formula development for products, chemical reaction in experimental tube for herbal extract testing and pharmaceutical products, research works in pharmacology, toxicology, bio-pharmacology, chemistry, physical/chemical testing and microbiology, and scientific equipment testing.

Biodiversity Research Centre

BRC is responsible for collection of bio-resources, microorganisms, plants and animals, database of biodiversity information, and R&D on bio-substance and bio-materials with biological processing technology, in order to enhance national competitiveness in bio-industry and bio-economy at both regional and global levels.

BRC has many researchers with various fields of expertise in bio-technology, microbiology, molecular biology and so on. BRC also has Microorganism Centre which is responsible for culture collection of bacteria, yeast, mold and seaweed which are beneficial to industrial and environmental usage. BRC is a part of Thailand Bio-resource Research Center (TBRC). BRC is ready for providing microbial strains used for education and research purposes to persons from various educational institutes at both national and regional levels (Bangkok MIRCENs), and has innovative and excellent centers with readiness for complete range of research and development and potential to conduct pilot research scaled up to industrial sector, e.g. Innovative Center for Production of Industrial used Microorganisms (ICPIM) and Algal Excellence Center (AEC). It also has microbial production infrastructure with complete production line, starting from upstream at laboratory scale (biosafety level 2) to downstream at pilot plant scale with maximum production capacity of 500 liters.

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